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The day before the interview with The Times, Wilshere conducted intensive training at West Ham United, including more than an hour in the gym, preparing for the opportunities that are beyond reach. He is now lean, healthy and professional. He hoped that he could persuade Moyes to show his value. "This is my own pride," said Wilshere, who is 28 years old. "I want to show people what I can do."

在接受《泰晤士报》采访的前一天,威尔希尔在西汉姆联队进行了强化训练,其中包括在健身房里训练了一个多小时,为无法企及的机会做准备。他现在苗条,健康且专业。他希望他能说服莫耶斯展现自己的价值。 28岁的威尔希尔说:“这是我自己的骄傲。” “我想向人们展示我的能力。”

"If a player says he is happy on the bench, that must be nonsense. I am actually more frustrated now because I only want to get a chance to play. When the new coach comes to the team, I It happened to be injured. I was training desperately after my comeback, but at this time we were closed down. At that time, I just practiced with the team, which made me even more sad. But I turned this negative emotion into a treat for me Talking about positive things, I am now very healthy. I played a few friendly matches before the season and I felt pretty good. I thought I could get a chance, but the opportunity did not really come."

“如果一名球员说他在板凳上感到高兴,那肯定是胡说八道。现在我实际上更加沮丧,因为我只想有机会参加比赛。当新教练加入球队时,我碰巧受伤了。复出后我一直在拼命训练,但此时我们被关闭了,当时我只是在与团队一起练习,这让我更加难过,但是我把这种消极情绪变成了对我的一种享受。 ,我现在很健康。在赛季开始前我参加了几场友谊赛,感觉还不错。我以为我有机会,但是机会并没有真正到来。”

"Later, I had a very candid conversation with Moyes. I wanted the coach to understand my feelings and original intentions. I told him that I wanted to play, but he could not guarantee my game time." Although the small threats have come back completely. , But his future in West Ham United is not clear. Moyes just responded to the future of small threats in the pre-match announcement with Charlton: "I don't know."

“后来,我与莫耶斯进行了坦率的交谈。我希望教练了解我的感受和初衷。我告诉他我想踢球,但他不能保证自己的比赛时间。”尽管小威胁已经完全消失了。 ,但是他在西汉姆联的未来还不清楚。赛前,莫耶斯在与查尔顿的比赛中宣布了小威胁的未来:“我不知道。”

"I don't even know my future in the club. I just want to play the game and return to my own level, whether it is in West Ham United or elsewhere, or in other countries with different cultures. When I was in the Western Han Dynasty When I am a player in the United States, I will focus on this, go all out in training, and then try to get the opportunity. Maybe the opportunity will not come, but I have to be prepared until things turn around."


Last season, Wilshere played only 210 minutes for West Ham, including 148 minutes in the League Cup. In the 18-19 season, he played 389 minutes. But in the current team, Soucek, Rice and Captain Noble are ahead of him.


"I understand the way Moyes wants to play, that's his style. His tactics are very successful, can I say he did it wrong? The midfield he wants is a large midfielder that can win Header midfielder. This is his tactical style."


"I like Rice, I like watching Rice play. He is a good friend of mine. He has a very important role and may be the best player on our team. Especially last season, he performed very well. Shao. Chek’s goals last season also kept the team stable. At the time I still understood (no chance to play), because we were in a key relegation battle and we needed points. In the end we relegated and the result was very good, but this The situation is a bit similar after the season. I have accepted it now, but at the same time I am eager to play."


In the 26 months at West Ham United, Wilshere played a total of 13 hours and 57 minutes. Including the 5:1 Hull City League Cup midweek. "It's really weird, because it wasn't me who would play." The little threat said, when Cullen tested positive for the new crown virus, West Ham United chose Wilshere. "An hour before the game, I was told to start the game, and my mind was buzzing. I was ready. I was a little cramped after 85 minutes, but this is your first official game in 8 months. During the game, cramps were expected. The feeling of playing on the court is really good."

在西汉姆联(West Ham United)的26个月中,威尔希尔(Wilshere)总共上场13个小时57分钟。周中包括5:1的赫尔城联赛杯。 “真的很奇怪,因为不是我会参加比赛。”小威胁说,当库伦对新的冠状病毒测试呈阳性时,西汉姆联队选择了威尔希尔。 “比赛开始前一个小时,我被告知要开始比赛,我的头脑嗡嗡作响。我已经准备好了。85分钟后我有点抽筋了,但这是您8个月来的首次正式比赛。在比赛中,抽筋意料之中。在球场上打球的感觉真的很好。”

"Whether I am in England, Italy or Spain, I still feel that I can contribute my own strength. I want to prove that people are wrong, and I want to prove myself, and see if I can return to it. To an even better level."


The current situation is very regrettable, especially the small threats have been West Ham fans since childhood. He grew up wearing a John Moncourt jersey. At the age of 8, he witnessed West Ham United’s 5-0 victory over Coventry at Upton Park. Di Canio scored twice in that game. The favorite Carrick also scored. He was in his garden, as if he were Carrick and Joe Cole on the court.

当前的情况令人非常遗憾,特别是自小时候以来西汉姆球迷的小威胁。他长大后穿着John Moncourt球衣。 8岁那年,他在厄普顿公园见证了西汉姆联5-0击败考文垂的比赛。迪卡尼奥在那场比赛中得分两次。最喜欢的卡里克(Carrick)也得分了。他在自己的花园里,好像在球场上是卡里克(Carrick)和乔·科尔(Joe Cole)一样。

This situation is the same regret for West Ham United fans. They know Wilshere's talent, know that he has been a West Ham United fan since childhood, and of course they know how high his salary is. Viewed this way, criticism is inevitable. "I was really injured, but I can understand." The little threat responded, "They demanded me higher in the game. I can understand it, but now it does not depend on me, because I have been healthy since March. ."

对于西汉姆联球迷来说,这种情况是同样的遗憾。他们知道威尔希尔的赌彩app十大才华,知道他从小就一直是西汉姆联的球迷,当然他们也知道他的薪水有多高。这样看来,批评是不可避免的。 “我真的受伤了,但我能理解。”小小的威胁回应道:“他们要求我在比赛中更高。我可以理解它,但现在它不再依赖我了,因为自三月以来我一直很健康。”

"I can understand the disappointment of West Ham United fans to me because they now think that I just take money from the bench. I am not that kind of person. Listen, my career and financial management are good. Money? When I start training. I don’t think about it at all. I don’t think: “Oh, I still have a salary.” I just want to play football, I want to play games. I think I can do it for 15-20 games, and then It can have an impact on the game and regain confidence and state.


This ability to influence the game is definitely there. Wilshere has played 257 times for the club and 34 times for England. And if everything develops normally, these numbers should double. At the age of 16 and 256 days, he represented Arsenal for the first time at Ewood Park. His talent has never been questioned. But his ankle has injured him 6 times since 2011. His gorgeous play and ability to dribble forward brought him painful setbacks. But now he is very healthy.


The little threat knows that West Ham United boss Sullivan has been discussing the need to sell players and then raise transfer fees for Moyes. Can Wilshere leave the team and leave room for new players? “It’s possible. Everyone in the team knows that we don’t have much money to buy people. Some players may be forced to leave. I don’t think the team will give me a lot of money, but if they don’t plan to pay me anymore. , Maybe they will give me a sum of money."

小威胁知道西汉姆联的老板沙利文一直在讨论出售球员的必要性,然后提高莫耶斯的转会费。 Wilshere能否离开球队并为新球员留出空间? “这是可能的。团队中的每个人都知道我们没有很多钱可以买人。一些玩家可能被迫离开。我认为球队不会给我很多钱,但是如果他们不打算再付钱给我。 ,也许他们会给我一笔钱。”

After the highly acclaimed Deangana joined West Brom for 18 million pounds, it aroused the anger of the team captain Noble. "Noble is just speaking on behalf of the team. As the captain, he can bring this kind of power and voice. We are very frustrated. When Grady (Dian Garner) first came to the team two seasons ago, Surprised people. He wanted to play more games, and then he performed well on loan last season.

备受赞誉的Deangana以1800万英镑的价格加盟西布朗队后,激起了队长Noble的愤怒。 “诺布尔只是代表球队讲话。作为队长,他可以带来这种力量和声音。我们非常沮丧。两个赛季前格雷迪(Dian Garner)首次加入球队时,他感到很惊讶。他想要玩更多的游戏,然后他在上赛季的租借中表现出色。

"He came back during the preseason, and he was very excited. We were talking about him during training, and we were excited about him being a first-team player in the team. Then suddenly, he came over and said to us that he was leaving. We are all thinking'what?!', I can't believe it." (The team's explanation is that the sale of Deangana is an imbalanced lineup and needs to be sold to raise funds, and three players have already been quoted).

“他在季前赛期间回来,他感到非常兴奋。我们在训练中谈论他,我们为他成为球队的一线队成员感到兴奋。然后,突然,他走了过来对我们说,他正在离开。我们都在想'什么?!',我简直不敢相信。” (团队的解释是Deangana的出售是一个不平衡的阵容,需要出售以筹集资金,并且已经引用了三名球员)。

"The people here are amazing. It makes me uncomfortable because I want to be part of them. If I really leave, I will miss them. I have made a lot of good friends here, and we are still together Go play golf."


Little Threat and Rice have a very close relationship. When they heard that a local hospital staff could not relax, they bought two table tennis tables for the hospital. "You can imagine how much pressure the closure of the city is for some people, even we feel that way. But we are lucky, we are not fighting on the front line like them. So when they have an hour of rest, we Just try to help them a little bit."

《小威胁》和赖斯有着非常密切的关系。当他们得知当地医院的工作人员无法放松时,他们为医院购买了两张乒乓球桌。 “您可以想象,关闭城市对某些人会有多大压力,即使我们有这种感觉。但是我们很幸运,我们没有像他们那样在前线奋战。因此,当他们有一个小时的休息时,我们只是尽力帮助他们。”

"People are starting to pay more attention to the warm side behind the football players. You can look at what Rashford, Henderson and Noble have done. A lot of their work is done behind the scenes. Noble silently serves the club, The contribution to the community is extraordinary."


Wilshere's son Archie suffered a seizure several years ago, which affected his career. The little threat and his wife will stay with the child all night for fear of what might happen. "This is epilepsy. It's very scary. If you see someone having seizures at random, you will feel scared, then if it is your son, in front of you, you will feel fear and pressure. At that time, this kind of thing often happens. After he put it on the bed, he went to bed and lay down and thought, how could I fall asleep without knowing what he was doing. This is stress."

威尔希尔(Wilshere)的儿子阿尔奇(Archie)几年前癫痫发作,影响了他的职业生涯。小小的威胁和他的妻子将整夜陪伴孩子,以免担心会发生什么。 “这是癫痫病。这非常可怕。如果您看到某人随机抽搐,您会感到害怕,然后,如果是您的儿子在您面前,您会感到恐惧和压力。那时,这种事情他把它放在床上后,便上床躺下,想着,我怎么能不知道他在做什么就睡着了。这是压力。”

Little threats even thought about retiring, "I talked to my wife at that time and she was very smart. I asked her what should I do. At that time I had few opportunities at Arsenal, and I was thinking about leaving Arsenal, and then I I was thinking again,'How can I leave London, how can I leave my son without him?"


"I will always thank Wenger for his sympathy and understanding. He is very wise. More than ten days before the 2014 FA Cup final, I discovered that there is a doctor in Texas who is an expert in treating epilepsy in this area. I need to see him. After all, my son is sick and I want to do the best thing to him. I went to Wenger and he said to me,'Go!','But boss, this is the FA Cup finals, I want to participate.' He said to me again,'Go, you have already participated.' He is like this many times, and it is impressive."


"That's why I will always respect Arsenal. Although there are things I haven't completed there, they will always stay deep in my heart. This is not just for football, there are many similar things, For example, the Arsenal team doctor helped me contact many people to tide over the difficulties. They are like a family and helped me. I will always be grateful to them."


"This disease is epilepsy. If you take the right method and take the medicine correctly, you can control the condition and eventually get Archie out of the medicine. His current diet is still sugar-free and milk-free. He is growing up, Zhou is 9 years old and it is scary. He loves playing football and going to school. He is a good boy and very happy."


"I like to be a father now. This is the best thing for me. I now come home after training. I have two kids going to school and two kids playing with me. I just want them to be happy. After experiencing so much, Archie and I have already thought clearly. I just want to make them happy and polite. They are like this."


For Wilshere, his four children are his motivation to continue playing. "My two older children have watched me play football, and there are two others, one two years old and one six months old. I want them to know what their father did when they grow up, look at their father and let them do for themselves His father is proud of being a football player. It is difficult now because fans are not allowed to enter the stadium, but I believe that people will return to the stadium in the near future. I hope my family and children will sit on it."

对于Wilshere来说,他的四个孩子是他继续比赛的动力。 “我的两个大孩子看着我踢足球,还有两个,分别是一岁两岁和六个月大。我希望他们知道长大后父亲做了什么,看着父亲,让他们做。他们自己的父亲为成为一名足球运动员而感到自豪,现在已经很困难了,因为不允许球迷进入体育场,但是我相信人们会在不久的将来回到体育场,希望我的家人和孩子能坐在那里。”

Wilshere is still looking forward to returning to the England team. "I hope I can go back. England is a great era. They have a lot of players to choose from. In my opinion, Rice is one, if they can Put Rice in the position system he is familiar with, and you can see what he can do. Now his maturity has exceeded his age, and he is very disciplined and will not leave his space easily. In this case You can cooperate with those creative players, such as Glarish and Madison. I like Foden. He will be special in the future. He is starting to improve now. If they can find their own system, England will change. Very good."

威尔希尔仍然期待着重返英格兰队。 “我希望我可以回去。英格兰是一个伟大的时代。他们有很多球员可供选择。我认为,赖斯是其中之一,如果他们能够将赖斯置于他熟悉的位置系统中,你会看到现在他的成熟度已经超过他的年龄了,他非常有纪律,不会轻易离开他的空间,在这种情况下,您可以与Glarish和Madison等富有创造力的球员合作,我喜欢Foden。特别是将来。他现在开始改善。如果他们能找到自己的系统,英格兰将会改变。很好。”

"I believe that England's door is still open to me. They should choose players who are in good condition and perform well. Of course it depends on my performance. I have to play well first, then play more games, and then get better. I believe I can do it.


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