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On October 13, Beijing time, the former national football coach Zhu Guanghu recalled the Jianlibao youth team in the green observation column of "People's Daily Sports".


For a long time after returning from Brazil, the players of the Jianlibao team felt nauseated whenever they saw scrambled eggs with tomatoes when eating. They looked at each other and smiled and avoided eating. The reason behind this is quite bitter,


It happened to be the time when the team members were growing up, and during the day, the normal training physical energy was heavy. The team members could not eat enough to eat, and at night they were so hungry that they couldn't sleep. They got up in the middle of the night and went to the restaurant to find food, and boiled whatever they found. , Barely fill up the stomach. The next morning, a local Brazilian worker came to work and saw the mess in the kitchen, thinking that a thief had entered. I quickly explained to them that the team members were too hungry to sleep, looking for something to eat.

碰巧是团队成员成长的时候,白天,正常的训练体力很重。团队成员吃得不够饱,晚上他们饿得无法入睡。他们在半夜起来,去餐馆找食物,煮沸了赌彩app十大所有的东西。 ,勉强填饱肚子。第二天早上,一名当地巴西工人上班,看到厨房里的烂摊子,以为贼已经进来了。我迅速向他们解释说,团队成员饿得无法入睡,正在寻找食物。

I also mentioned before that the team members learn to use their wisdom in life to be self-reliant in difficult situations, make hooks and fishing lines by themselves, and go fishing in the river behind the station. The fish were caught and made into fish soup. The team members who had experienced difficulties together were very grateful, and first gave us several coaches, which made the coaches moved and sad. Such a situation is unlikely to be encountered in China.


Jianlibao players received professional training in Brazil, but the dietary conditions at that time were far below the nutritional standards of professional players. The intake of nutrients was insufficient, which affected their physical development to a certain extent. It is regrettable to think of it now.


Many Jianlibao players now choose to engage in football coaching or football management positions. The first-line coaches such as Zhang Xiaorui, Li Jian, and Chang Weiwei gave me the most feedback: We were in Brazil at that time on many aspects of football training. Insufficient understanding, there are problems of varying degrees in training intensity and self-active training.


What the players wanted in Brazil at the time was to learn football skills well, and to serve the motherland and win glory for the country after completing their studies. Therefore, the vigorous players were suffocating in their hearts. When participating in local competitions in Brazil, it is inevitable that there will be some uncomfortable situations. The practice of our coaching staff at the time was to directly suspend training and competitions, allowing the players to reflect and write their thoughts. As a result, after players like Li Jinyu, Huang Yong, and Shang Yi were punished, they all begged me to say: "Zhu will guide you to punish us anyway, just don't stop our game and training."


Now think about it, our players are very cute, understand the difficulties of training in foreign countries, and cherish the opportunities for training and competition very much. They don't need much mobilization to work hard. But this also leads to another drawback, self-training is too intense, and over-training can cause certain injuries.


While in Brazil, our players suffered injuries to varying degrees in the knee joint, meniscus, ankle joint, waist joint and other parts. There are several local meniscus surgeries. As a result, the Brazilian sports medical experts who diagnosed and treated were full of questions: "We don't feel that we can understand how these Chinese children are only sixteen or seventeen years old, how could they have such serious injuries? Many injuries occur to people in their 50s and 60s."


Later, when I communicated with the players, I learned that they generally did too much physical training beyond the body's capacity during the youth training. In addition, long-term training on jumping, running and kicking on hard courts also caused a lot of problems. Necessary injuries.


Therefore, after Jianlibao’s team members became coaches, they all said: “Our original training model lacking scientific basis is never allowed to be reproduced among my team members. We must train scientifically to prevent our team members from repeating what we used to eat. The loss of the past."


Through personal experience and reflection, Jianlibao players have improved their scientific understanding of football, and figured out: what can be done and what cannot be done, and how can they help the players to achieve real improvement.


Try to design a training plan according to the corresponding age group, let them do the actions that can be done at this age, set up a sports load that conforms to the scientific law, to maximize the health and continuous growth of young players.


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