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   (Source: Poker Fan)


  He only started his journey of offline competition at the end of 2018. The total rewards for offline competitions in 2019 exceeded 8 million!


  He is a poker idol whom the poker star Hao Chunyang particularly respects, and he is also a poker superstar who has risen rapidly in China in the past two years!


  He is Wu Yake!


   Wu Yake, born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is a native of Zhengzhou, Henan. He is very fond of international poker. He has been in global poker tournaments for the past two years. In addition, he signed a contract with a certain poker brand this year and is now a professional poker player. In 2014, he came into contact with the game of international poker when he was studying in the UK. It was not until 2018 that he was taken by a friend to play a game like a monthly club tournament, and he discovered that there was also international poker in China. From then on, a generation of poker kings began. His way to rise.

吴亚科,男,河南郑州人,河南郑州人。他非常喜欢国际扑克。在过去的两年中,他一直参加全球扑克锦标赛。此外,他今年与某个扑克品牌签订了合同,现在是一名职业扑克选手。 2014年,他在英国学习时接触了国际扑克游戏。直到2018年,他才被朋友带去玩每月一次的俱乐部锦标赛之类的游戏,他发现中国也有国际扑克。从那时起,一代扑克王开始了。他的崛起之路。

   First contact with international poker!


   Like many well-known poker players, Wu Yake also came into contact with international poker while studying abroad. Wu Yake still remembers the time when he was new to international poker.

像许多著名的扑克玩家一样,吴亚克在留学期间也接触了国际扑克。 Wu Yake仍然记得他刚接触国际扑克的时间。

"The first time I played poker was in the UK, a Malaysian friend's house. We usually play badminton. They will organize some home games for entertainment from time to time. I occasionally participate in it! I have actually liked to study poker games since I was young. So when I started playing, I studied very seriously."


   Wu Yake, who has been very fond of poker since he was a child, fell in love with this game as soon as he came into contact with international poker, and studied seriously. However, his learning method is quite unique. . . . . . .

吴亚科从小就喜欢扑克,一接触国际扑克就爱上了这场比赛,并认真学习。但是,他的学习方法非常独特。 。 。 。 。 。 。

"Those friends didn’t play well at the time, so I went to the casino to learn from masters. The way I learned in the early stage was to make friends with good players and discuss poker games with them. In the later stage, I learned to improve. The main way is a very comprehensive review, from card management to on-site interpretation, everything!"


  Different from ordinary people's poker talents coupled with unique learning methods, this is where Wu Yake's later invincible international poker, sweeping major domestic and international poker events.


   2019 full-blown!


   In 2018, Wu Yake discovered that there was even an international poker game in China. This discovery made him ecstatic! After earnestly studying international poker and adapting to the domestic poker environment, Wu Yake ushered in a full-blown 2019!


The vast majority of Wu Yake’s poker career came from 2019. Among them, two 200,000 buy-in-level high roller events, one champion, and one third place have made Wu Yake a hot poker star in the poker circle. , A lot of people also got to know this top god at this time. For these two games, Wu Yake is still unforgettable. . . . . .

Wu Yake的扑克职业绝大多数来自于2019年。其中,两次200,000项买入级别的豪客赛,一名冠军和三分之一的席位使Wu Yake成为扑克界的热门扑克明星。 ,此时很多人也认识了这位顶级神。对于这两场比赛,吴亚科仍然刻骨铭心。 。 。 。 。 。

"That was the first time I played a 200,000 level match. It was relatively smooth. The short deck itself fluctuates a lot, but I have accumulated a lot of chips in the early stage, and it was easier to play in the later stage. There was almost no life-related race. Barcelona's. The game was also deep in the game. The last three people had bad luck. That time I felt very good. I felt like I was going to win the championship, but I was BB 3 times in a row, but the third place was already very good!"


   Since then, Wu Yake has been unable to deal with it. Whether in domestic or international competitions, he has passed all the way and achieved very dazzling results. In the end, Wu Yake's total reward for the whole year of 2019 is astonishing more than 8 million!


   Tournament selection, share experience!


   Wu Yake, who has risen rapidly in 2019, has extraordinary achievements in competitions. Frequent participation in the world also gives him rich experience in competitions. He has his own unique set of methods for the selection of competitions. . . . . .

在2019年迅速崛起的吴亚克在比赛中取得了非凡的成就。经常参十大靠谱网赌app_彩票平台加世界比赛也为他带来了丰富的比赛经验。他有自己独特的一套比赛选择方法。 。 。 。 。 。

"Take my first 200,000 buy-in game as an example. There was a short-deck game and a long-deck game at the same time. I was thinking about which one to play? I carefully looked at the configuration on the table and I decisively chose the short-deck game. , There are many bosses and few people! In contrast, there were many pros in long cards and the game was difficult. Poker itself is a strategy game, and choosing a game is also one of the strategies!


  We know in words that the selection of the event is a very important part of Wu Yake's match. Choosing the right event is often half the battle. The two competitions Wu Yake participated in were short-decker events. What is his biggest feeling about the short-decker game?


   "The short deck improves the playability of the average player's hands, reduces the preflop win rate difference, increases the postflop hit rate, and speeds up the pace of the game. It feels more interesting than the long deck. So it is more popular with players!"


The two characteristics of "fast pace and great fun" may be the main reasons why short decks can quickly become popular all over the world. Nowadays, there are many short deck high roller events, and we often see Wu Yake appearing in high roller competitions. Why he will Do you like high rollers so much?


"There are more masters, and I like to learn from them. Of course, the real reason is that the number of participants in the high roller competition is small, so it will not be too tired! And the cost of offline competitions is high. So as to maintain the cost-effectiveness of the game!"


   At the same time, Wu Yake, who has repeatedly gone abroad to participate in the competition, has also used his personal experience to alert everyone to the bad incidents of Chinese people being robbed while competing abroad.


"I haven't encountered this kind of situation in the game, but when I was studying before, I encountered robbery or harassment in London and New York. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to go with each other as much as possible. Do not bring a lot of cash with you. Some paths or places with few people!"


   Different places, different events!


   2019 is the year when Wu Yake fully exploded! This year, he has traveled all over the world, including Red Dragon Cup, WSOP, EPT, Australia Millions, European Poker Millions, APPT. . . . . . He can be seen on the stadiums of world-renowned competitions, and he is well aware of the differences between major competition brands in various regions.

2019年是Wu Yake全面爆发的一年!今年,他走遍了世界各地,包括红龙杯,WSOP,EPT,澳大利亚百万富翁,欧洲扑克百万富翁,APPT。 。 。 。 。 。在世界著名比赛的球场上都能看到他的身影,并且他清楚地知道各个地区主要比赛品牌之间的差异。

"There is not much difference in form. The geographical difference is only the manifestation of the difference in the development time of the brand and the difference in the culture. The difference in tax policy will become an important factor for many players in the future! WSOP tax is biased, but the brand honor makes it still Compared to the world’s No. 1 event, the EPT experience will be much better. It can communicate with the world’s top players and it’s cost-effective without tax deduction.

“形式上并没有太大差异。地域差异只是品牌发展时间差异和文化差异的体现。税收政策的差异将成为未来许多参与者的重要因素! WSOP税有偏见,但品牌荣誉仍然存在。与世界排名第一的赛事相比,EPT的体验会更好,它可以与世界顶级球员交流,并且在不减税的情况下具有成本效益。

At the same time, Wu Yake also has his own unique insights on the differences between foreign competitions and domestic competitions. “Domestic competitions started late, but they have developed rapidly in the past two years, and the number of players has also increased sharply. The average cognition is still lagging behind that of Europe and the United States, which leads to the lack of competition in the event and the lack of experience!"

同时,吴亚克对国外比赛与国内比赛之间的差异也有自己独特的见解。 “国内比赛起步较晚,但在过去两年中发展迅速,球员人数也急剧增加。人们的平均认知水平仍然落后于欧洲和美国,这导致比赛中缺乏竞争,也缺乏经验!”

   Favorite poker player!


   Nowadays, Wu Yake, who has become famous in the domestic poker circle, is regarded by many poker players as his poker idol, including poker star Hao Chunyang. So, who is Wu Yake's favorite and most admired player?


"The favorite poker player abroad is Stephen Chidwick, and the domestic favorite poker players are Chen Dong, Qian Zhiqiang, Super Black, Zhang Yang, and Zhang Youyi. (These are the ones I have communicated at the poker table, and I really feel that some aspects make me (Admiration) Of course, there are "more expansive" players like Teacher Yu and Teacher Sun, who don't want to call them anymore~ Haha."


   From his slightly ridiculous words, we can know that Wu Yake truly admires and likes them, and there are some things about them that Wu Yake should study. At the same time, for his fan Hao Chunyang, Wu Yake also has a lot to say. . . . . .

从他那荒谬的话中,我们可以知道,吴亚克确实很欣赏和喜欢他们,吴亚克应该学习一些关于他们的东西。同时,对于他的粉丝郝春阳,吴亚克也有很多话要说。 。 。 。 。 。

"Fate with the little fat man, I only started chasing the game at the end of 18 years. At that time, he seemed to be seen in every race, with a gentle smile on his face. I had a good impression of him. I met him before I also mentioned it, so I won’t talk about it. I don’t know why I have a preference for him. When I was at the table with him, he always operated me, but I couldn’t deal with him, (hahahahahaha , Little Fatty pay attention next time, one day I will be cruel to you)


  In the words, there is no shortage of people who can see that Wu Yake has a heartfelt love for the younger Hao Chunyang. Wu Yake, who couldn't bear to manipulate him, gave a lot of affirmation to Hao Chunyang's skills and personality.


   "He is a very comprehensive player with great potential! He has a solid foundation in card theory, a relatively balanced play style, strong execution, and an advantage in personality. He will definitely have a lot of good results in the future!"


   optimistic about the commercial team mode!


Nowadays, poker teams are very popular in China. Almost all well-known players have joined a team, and some players have even joined multiple teams at the same time. So, Wu Yake, who has become famous in the poker circle in the past two years, is there any How about joining a certain team?

如今,扑克团队在中国非常受欢迎。几乎所有知名球员都加入了一个团队,有些球员甚至同时加入了多个团队。那么,在过去两年中在扑克界出名的吴亚克(Wu Yake),该如何加入某个团队?

"The first team to join is Shanghai Beach, but the Shanghai Beach team is not a team in the strict sense, without any infiltration of commercial elements. It can be regarded as a non-governmental organization composed of some outstanding players and friends. If the commercial team joined China Xia this year Promising team!"


  From Wu Yake’s words, we learned that apart from the teams spontaneously organized by the players, there have been commercial teams, and he himself has joined them. What does Wu Yake think about the commercial team model?


"If there is a commercial sponsorship, it is definitely a good thing for the players. It helps them resist the fluctuations of the game. Being able to join the commercial team is also a recognition of their own card skills! The team will also find a group of like-minded friends for themselves. It will be too lonely, and there will be people sharing progress together. Of course, there are too many teams now, and there are so many varieties!


   Poker rankings and future plans!


  International poker is an intellectual competitive sport. This sport, like other sports, has various rankings. The top of the rankings has always been the goal pursued by every player. So, what does Wu Yake, who has always been at the top of the poker rankings, feel about the poker rankings?


"Of course, rankings cannot fully reflect the level of players. Rankings are about honor and will definitely encourage players. I only started playing at the end of 18th. I am surprised at such a ranking in a short time! This circle is too friendly to me. It’s going well all the way. But I also want to say to people who are too obsessed with rankings: take care!"


   Nowadays, Wu Yake in the poker circle can be said to be very popular, fame and fortune! So, what is his already accomplished plan for his poker future?


"This is not true. I am purely passionate about poker. And now that I am married and have children, I need to give my family enough time, so I don't participate in competitions very frequently. I just hope I can keep improving and keep up with the new era. Keep playing!"


   Gains and suggestions!


   In just two years, Wu Yake has risen rapidly in the poker circle, allowing him to reap great rewards and also make him famous! However, in addition to these, Wu Yake has gained more from international poker. . . . . . .

在短短的两年内,吴亚克在扑克界迅速崛起,使他获得了丰厚的回报,也使他出名!但是,除了这些,吴亚克还从国际扑克中获得了更多收益。 。 。 。 。 。 。

"International poker is a very comprehensive thing. It tests people's ability to collect and organize information and make high-quality decisions! But there are also many prerequisites, such as fund accumulation, physical reserve, concentration, mental stability, etc., one of the links has problems. , It will affect the quality of the game. Therefore, from the overall planning before the game, the execution during the game, and the resumption after the game, too much quality is needed!"


  International Poker is a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It takes too much to play this game well. Wu Yake can quickly rise in the poker circle, absolutely. Therefore, Wu Yake also gives some advice as senior poker players who have just entered the poker circle. . . . . .

国际扑克是一种易于学习但难以掌握的游戏。玩这个游戏要花太多时间。 Wu Yake绝对可以在扑克界迅速崛起。因此,作为刚刚进入扑克界的资深扑克玩家,吴亚克也提供了一些建议。 。 。 。 。 。

"Of course, you can't do anything blindly. You must first figure out your true attitude towards poker, whether you are hobby or want to be a professional poker player. If you like, then it depends on your actual situation. You can follow the game in your spare time and plan reasonably. In your own life, don’t over-compete to affect your original life. If you want to be a professional poker player, you want to give yourself a period of time to figure out whether your card foundation is solid enough and whether your personality traits fit this profession. Professional poker players also need certain talents. It is more important to recognize yourself. This is also one of the core content of this game!"


   Wu Yake in life!


   In 2019, Wu Yake, who was born out of nowhere, is well-known by poker players throughout the poker circle. However, as a post-90s, what does he look like outside of poker?

在2019年,无家可归的吴亚克(Wu Yake)在整个扑克界被扑克玩家所熟知。但是,作为90年代后期的人,他在扑克界之外是什么样子?

"I like sports, football, basketball, badminton...At the same time, I like traveling in natural scenery!" During leisure, Wu Yake will do some ball sports and travel, exercise to keep fit, travel to relax. , This kind of life is really envious of others!

“我喜欢运动,足球,篮球,羽毛球……同时,我喜欢在自然风光中旅行!”闲暇时,吴亚克会做一些球类运动和旅行,锻炼身体以保持健康,旅行放松。 ,这种生活真的让人羡慕!

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that Wu Yake now has a happy family. Regarding whether international poker will become a child's hobby, he said: "I am now married and have children, and my educational concept is to go with the flow. I won’t be forced to cultivate hobbies, but I have a plan to take my child around the world to play games, which may also affect his growth. As for how he chooses in the future, it’s his business~"


   It is a very happy thing to think about taking children around the world to play games. The way of letting go of education further shows that Wu Yake is an open and enlightened father. Such a model father is rare. He will definitely accompany his children to grow up happily and healthily~


  Brilliant poker career!


   Looking back at Wu Yake's brilliant poker career, Wu Yake two years ago never thought he would achieve such an achievement! Contact with international poker abroad, after serious study and study, soon gained a certain strength! Soon after, he once again ushered in a turning point in his destiny. After returning to China in 2018, he stumbled upon a domestic international poker organization, and since then began his invincible offline journey!


   So, in 2019, Wu Yake ushered in his dream year. In this year, his offline games can be described as full bloom! As a result, Wu Yake's total rewards for offline competitions throughout the year reached a staggering 8 million!


   So far, Wu Yake has risen to fame in the poker circle and has become a famous top poker player. However, the brilliant record did not make him conceited and swelled and stagnated, but hoped that he could continue to improve, keep up with the new era, and keep playing!


   This is Wu Yake!


   A poker superstar with unfathomable strength and unlimited future!


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