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十大靠谱网赌app_彩票平台_国庆假期国内足球要闻回顾:中甲现史诗级反叛 土帅的旗帜倒下了

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The first working day after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is coming, fans and friends can wait for the New Year's Day holiday. During the eight-day holiday, what major events have happened in domestic football? Follow the editor to review it.


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[1] The third international transfer window for the Chinese Super League in the 2020 season was officially closed at 24:00 on September 30. This is also the last international transfer window for the domestic league this year. PP Sports summarized the transfers of 16 Chinese Super League teams during this period (from 0:00 on September 1st to 24:00 on September 30th).

[1] 2020赛季中超联赛的第三个国际转会窗口于9月30日24:00正式关闭。这也是今年国内联赛的最后一个国际转会窗口。 PP Sports总结了此期间(从9月1日0:00到9月30日24:00)的16支中超球队的转会情况。



Attached is the latest registration form for the 16th Super League team:


[2] Shenhua official announced that Ecuador international footballer Bolaños officially joined the team, wearing the No. 31 jersey to play in the second stage of the Super League.




[3] Tianjin TEDA official announced Suarez + teenager Jiang Shenglong to join, Suarez will wear the No. 18 jersey for the second stage of the Super League, Jonathan was revoked registration due to injury.




[4] Shijiazhuang Yongchang Football Club re-added the lineup according to the team's deployment and planning. After friendly negotiation with Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club and reached an agreement with the players, Liu Chaoyang and Zhao Jianfei joined Yongchang on loan.




[5] The Japanese national team announced the latest big squad. Takumi Minano, who played for Liverpool, led 25 players from the European League. For the first time in history, the "all overseas class" lineup was realized. The Japanese national team will play against Cameroon and Ivory Coast in the Netherlands on the 9th and 13th.

[5]日本国家队宣布了最新的大阵容。为利物浦效力的Minami Takumi带领25名来自欧洲联盟的球员。历史上第一次实现了“所有海外阶层”的阵容。日本国家队将在9日和13日与荷兰的喀麦隆和象牙海岸对战。



[1] Venezuela announced the latest national team roster, and Long Dong was selected. However, through communication between the Dalian native and the Venezuelan Football Association, Long Dong will stay with the Dalian native to compete with the team in the second stage of the Super League. In addition, Zall’s foreign aid Evra was also selected for the latest national team squad for Côte d’Ivoire. Like Long Dong, he will stay in China to help Zall compete in the second stage of the game.


[2] UAE media broke the news that due to the schedule problems caused by the new crown epidemic, the 2020 Club World Cup originally scheduled to be held in Doha in December this year will be cancelled, while the New World Club originally planned to be held in China in 2021 The cup will also be held in a different location.




[3] In view of the current impact of the new crown epidemic, FIFA has made corresponding changes to the rules of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, including a maximum of 5 players in a single game.




[4] According to the South Korean media "NAVER", national security defender Jin Minzai is still expected to stay abroad in Europe in January next year. At present, Tottenham, Lazio, PSV, Porto and other European teams are still paying attention to him.

[4]据韩国媒体“ ​​NAVER”报道,国家安全捍卫者金敏载仍有望在明年一月留在欧洲。目前,热刺,拉齐奥,埃因霍温,波尔图和其他欧洲球队仍在关注他。



[5] The intermission period of the Chinese Super League is 17 days from September 29th to October 15th. After more than two months of continuous battles, all players participating in the Super League were exhausted physically and mentally, but Tianjin TEDA only gave the team three days off, which is the shortest vacation for all teams in the Super League. The team needs to race against time. Get ready to solve the problem. On October 2, the TEDA team gathered for the second stage of the relegation battle.

[5]中国超级联赛的间歇时间为9月29日至10月15日,为期17天。经过两个多月的持续战斗,参加中超联赛的所有球员在身心上都精疲力尽,但天津泰达只给球队放了三天假,这是中超联赛中所有球队休假最短的一天。团队需要与时间赛跑。准备解决问题​​。 10月2日,TEDA团队聚集了保级战第二阶段。



[6] National Day coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. 61 captains, more than 40 coaches and base staff from Shanghai Genbao Football Base celebrated the double festival together. Xu Genbao's message to young players: I hope you will not only play for the Super League, but also strive to play for the Chinese national team. I hope you will become a better player than Wu Lei and a better player than Wang Shenchao and Zhang Linpeng in 2031. You must train hard to help Chinese football break out of Asia and win glory for the country!




[1] "Transfer Market" China manager Zhu Yi made statistics on the registration form for the second stage of the Super League teams. Among them, the new foreign aids Bolaños, Jailson and Suarez succeeded in making up the report, but Shalawi, Hamsik and Jonathan missed.




[2] As Wuhan Zall Club member Liu Yun withdrew from the national team training due to injury, the national team coaching team decided to recruit Wu Xinghan from Shandong Luneng Taishan Club to participate in this training session.




[3] According to the "Guangzhou Daily", according to the current compromising opinions within the Chinese Football Association: In the future, each national football team's training competition will generally not exceed 4 naturalized players on the list. This means that the naturalized nationals who can participate in the top 40 games next year are basically locked in the six players of Exon, Li Ke, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Luo Guofu and Alan.




[4] Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Sea Diamond Stadium was officially opened. This is a five-a-side football stadium surrounded by the sea. It was built on the offshore award platform for the 2008 Qingdao Olympic Sailing Games.




[5] According to the plan and arrangement of the AFC, the East Region will be played from mid-November to mid-December. The start time of East Asian Region will be November 18th. After the final team is formed in East Asia, December On the 19th, a match between East and West Asian teams will be held in a country in West Asia. The specific date and location are expected to be announced in the near future.




[6] In the 7th round of the Chinese League, the Meizhou Hakka defeated Guizhou 1-0. Guizhou Hengfeng player Gao Haisheng kicked Meizhou player Li Zhilang during the scramble near the midfield, triggering a conflict between the two sides. However, the referee Kou Jianxun actually showed a yellow card to the Meizhou players, and the two yellows turned and the other red was sent off...




[7] Shenhua finished her vacation and started the second stage of preparation mode. Jin Xinyulian was meticulous in strength, and two new foreign aids, Martinez and Bolaños, were on the list.


[8] SOCCER-CJKV, a professional football statistics organization, announced the 10th East Asian Club Rankings in 2020. South Korean team Jeonbuk Hyundai continued to lead with a record of 6 matches, 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in September. Guangzhou Evergrande rose by two close behind, and Shanghai SIPG ranked third.




[9] The Havel team that ended the isolation officially joined the Jianye Football Club and began coaching. In addition, assistant coach Augustine (Spain), athletic performance coach Marco (Italy), and analyst Alexander (Spain) officially joined the team.


[1] The new national football team is officially concentrated in Shanghai. With many new players selected and no warm-up match arrangements, the Li Tie team has a heavy task during this period: it is necessary to develop tactics around several naturalized players and to test the new players. Tactical adaptability, but also to prevent the international players from hurting the league.




[2] Before the start of the first training session of the national football team, the head coach of the national football team Li Tie was interviewed by the media to explain the situation of the training camp in this period. Li Tie said that this training camp lasted for a total of 6 days. The main intention is to make the players more familiar, strengthen running-in and unify their thinking, and hope to help more young international players grow through the training. In addition, Li Tie responded to the rumors about the limit on the number of naturalized players. He revealed that there is no limit on the number of naturalized players selected for the national football team.




[3] The AFC officially announced the full version of the 2020 AFC Champions League schedule. The East Asia group stage will kick off on November 18th, and the finals will end on December 19. In 31 days, the Super League BIG4 will face a high-intensity schedule of one goal every three days.




[4] The official news of China Fortune. The Sierra Leone Football Association sent a letter to Hebei China Fortune Football Club regarding the recruitment of Toure to participate in the Sierra Leone and Mauritania match. After communicating with the Sierra Leone Football Association and Toure himself, Toure will not play in this game. Will stay in Hebei China Fortune to participate in the second stage of the Chinese Super League.​​​​


[5] The Jiangsu Suning Tesco team, which ended the first stage of the Chinese Super League, regrouped and started the second stage of preparations at the Nanjing Suning Xuzhuang Training Base.


[1] Luneng official Xuanyuan first team coach Li Xiaopeng voluntarily stepped down as the team's head coach due to personal physical reasons. Luneng coach will be replaced by assistant Hao Wei.


Li Xiaopeng began coaching Luneng in the 2018 season. In his first season, he led his team to the third place in the league. After two seasons, he once again entered the AFC Champions League. The FA Cup final lost to Guoan and won the runner-up. In the 2019 season, Luneng played in the third line and became the first Chinese Super League team to qualify for the AFC team. In the final penalty shootout, Hengda was defeated and stopped in the East Asian quarterfinals. After losing to Shenhua in the FA Cup final, they won the runner-up and finished fifth in the league.


This season, Li Xiaopeng led Luneng to defeat Evergrande 1-0 in the first round. After three years, he won the "Eight Champions" again. He once ranked second in the Dalian Division, and finally entered the championship group in third place. On October 17, Shandong Luneng will face Beijing Guoan.

本赛季,李小鹏带领鲁能在第一轮以1-0击败赌彩app十大恒大。三年后,他再次赢得了“八项冠军”。他曾经在大连赛区排名第二,最终进入第三名。 10月17日,山东鲁能将面对北京国安。

[2] Wuhan Zall, which ended the first stage of the Chinese Super League, regrouped at the club base after a short National Day holiday. The team will start the training camp for the second stage of preparation here.


[3] In the official announcement of Changchun Yatai, the former head coach of the team, Babayan, is dismissed from get out of class, and Chen Yang will be the new coach of the team.


[1] The foreign aid Sosa of the Shenzhen Football team rented out to join the Portuguese Super League team Famalikon on loan and played until the end of the season.


[2] The Serie A transfer window was closed, and Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid Salavi failed to join Roma before the transfer window closed. However, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League registration, Shenhua has cancelled Shalawi and made up for new foreign aid. Shalawi’s whereabouts are not yet known.


【3】Tao Rancheng, a special referee lecturer of the Chinese Football Association, gave a "teaching" to the new national football team that is training in Shanghai, and combined with the examples of disputes and punishments encountered by the international players in the Super League to solve their doubts and answer questions.




[4] After Li Xiaopeng resigned as Luneng coach, the former assistant coach and technical director Hao Wei took over. October 5th is the first day of the Luneng team's official assembly after the holiday. Hao Wei has officially led Luneng training.

[4]李小鹏辞去鲁能教练的职务后,原助理教练兼技术总监郝伟接任。 10月5日是假期后鲁能队正式集会的第一天。郝伟已正式领导鲁能培训。

[5] Although all three transfer windows for the Super League have been closed this season, the Chinese Premier League will have another window increase in mid-October. After being revoked by Shandong Luneng's first team registration, Yao Junsheng will join Zhejiang Greentown, the Chinese First Team.


[6] After a 90-minute high-intensity technical and tactical training of the Chinese Men's Football Team in the Houpaier Sports Park in the morning, all the staff watched the movie "Win the Championship" in the afternoon. Learn the "Women's Volleyball Spirit" to enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness.




[1] The national football official dream returned to Shenyang Wulihe Stadium on October 7, 2001. The Chinese team relied on Yu Genwei to grab a shot and defeated Oman 1-0. The Chinese team qualified two rounds ahead of schedule, locked in the 2002 World Cup tickets, and the 44-year journey to the world finally came true.


[2] Four U23 players Zhu Chenjie, Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu and Tong Lei have received much attention in this training session of the National Football Team. One of the main purposes of Li Tie's training camp is to investigate these new faces as much as possible. An insider of the national football team said that for the use of these four young players, Li Tie is temporarily paying more attention to digging on the front line.




[3] This time the national football training camp in Shanghai will not arrange any matches, even the teaching match of the same local club. The team has arranged a total of 6 training sessions this time, and will gradually increase the training intensity in a gradual manner.




[4] Exxon posted a photo with Fernando, Jiang Guangtai and Li Ke's "Naturalized Tiantuan" on his personal social platform. And wrote: This week we work hard for the Chinese men's football team, during this training period, may God bless us.


[1] As of October 8, all 14 teams in the Chinese Super League have assembled. Only Guangzhou Evergrande and Chongqing Dangdai have yet to announce their assembly date. 16 teams will gather to prepare for the second stage of the Chinese Super League, which will start on October 16.

[1]截至10月8日,中国超级联赛的所有14支球队都已聚集。只有广州恒大和重庆当代尚未宣布装配日期。 16支球队将齐聚一堂,为将于10月16日开始的中国超级联十大靠谱网赌app_彩票平台赛第二阶段做准备。



[2] Dalian people officially announced that young player Yang Haoyu will join the team, wearing a No. 37 shirt to play in the second stage of the Super League. The field is full-back. In 2016, he was selected for the Chinese National Youth Team. Since 2017, he has played for the Gondomar, Guimarães U19 team and the Paderón team.

[2]大连人正式宣布,年轻球员杨浩宇将身披37号球衣参加中超联赛第二阶段比赛。该领域是后卫。 2016年,他入选中国国家青年队。自2017年以来,他效力于Gondomar,吉马良斯U19队和Paderón队。

[3] The Shanghai National Football Team has entered its fifth day today, and the whole team continues to conduct technical and tactical training in Houpaier Sports Park. On the training ground, Wu Xinghan did not show up. It is understood that the Shandong Luneng winger was absent due to injuries.




[4] The British media "Guardian" selected the 60 new stars of world football in the 2003 age group. Shanghai SIPG player Jia Boyan, born on November 30, 2003, became the only Chinese player on the list.​​​​


[5] The German transfer team updated the latest Chinese player value list. Wu Lei (7 million euros) still leads the list, Exxon (4.8 million euros) ranked second, and Li Ke (1.1 million euros) ranked second. three.




[6] On the last day of the National Day holiday, Evergrande held a press conference at the new base in Panyu, where Kashuai introduced the team's preparations for the second stage. During the period, he talked about a lot of topics, especially the national football team that is training. He believes that the national football team and the Football Association can still communicate in advance to make the team ready.




Kashuai emphasizes that Taliska is not my son, and hopes that the quality of the venue will not fail the efforts of all parties


No one commented, but quiet


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克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在一场比赛中达到两个世界的里程碑

Mbappe 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents ultra-long elevator ball


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Aubameyang World Wave,苏超再现了梅西的彩虹球

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Inter Milan continues to lead in victory, Milan is swept by 5 goals


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