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Hi everyone, and welcome to the morning paper on March 12.


In the 1/8 knockout of the Champions League early this morning, Liverpool lost 2-3 at home to Atletico Madrid, and the total score was 2-4 out. The last Champions League runners-up have been eliminated. The Red Army almost completely controlled the game in regular time, while the tough Atletico Madrid played in overtime. Substitutes Llorente and Morata scored three goals to complete the reversal and helped the Sheets reach the top 8.


In another game, Paris defeated Dortmund 2-0 and completed a comeback at home. Neymar and Bernat made contributions. The two teams clash at the end of the game, and Emre Can was expelled from the field.


The distressing news is that Juventus defender Rugani has been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. According to Italian media reports, both Juventus and Inter will be isolated. Bundesliga second Hannover 96 young defender Hubers has also been infected with the new crown virus. Let us wish them an early recovery.


In domestic football, the transfer of Tianjin Tianhai is reported to have been negotiated. Whether the club can participate in the Super League in the new season depends on the timely submission of relevant materials.


At 04:00 on March 12th, Beijing time, in the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final, Liverpool played at home against Atletico Madrid. At the beginning of the first half, Diego Costa missed the opportunity and Wijnaldum scored with a header. In the second half, Robertson scored a header, and Saul’s lore goal was blown offside first. After 90 minutes, Liverpool 1-0 Atletico Madrid, the total score is 1-1, the game entered overtime. In overtime, Firmino scored, Llorente scored twice from long range and Morata scored. In the end, Liverpool 2-3 Atletico, the total score of 2-4 was eliminated.

北京时间3月12日04:00,在冠军联赛1/8决赛的第二轮中,利物浦主场对阵马德里竞技。上半场开始,迭戈·科斯塔(Diego Costa)错过了机会,维纳尔杜姆(Wijnaldum)头球攻门。下半场,罗伯逊(Robertson)头球攻门,索尔(Saul)的绝杀进球首先越位。 90分钟后,利物浦马德里竞技客场1-0,总比分是1-1,比赛进入了加时赛。加时十大靠谱网赌app_彩票平台赛,菲尔米诺得分,洛伦特从远距离得分两次,莫拉塔得分。最终,利物浦2-3竞技,总比分2-4被淘汰。

At 4:00 on March 12th, Beijing time, in the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final, Paris Saint-Germain played against Dortmund at home. In the first half, Cavani missed a single chance, but Paris took advantage of the corner kick and scored with a header from Neymar. Sancho made a threat and Bernat scored in stoppage time. In the second half, Brandt made a threat and Mbappe came off the bench. Di Maria retired from injury, Emre James became red, and finally Paris 2-0 Dott, the total score 3-2 reversed and advanced.

北京时间3月12日凌晨4:00,在冠军联赛第二场1/8决赛中,巴黎圣日耳曼队主场与多特蒙德队对决。上半场,卡瓦尼(Cavani)错过了一次机会,但巴黎赌彩app十大利用角球并获得内马尔的头球攻入。 Sancho发起了威胁,Bernat进入补时阶段得分。下半场,勃兰特发起威胁,姆巴佩替补出场。迪·玛丽亚(Di Maria)受伤退役,埃姆雷·詹姆斯(Emre James)变红,最后巴黎2-0多特(Dott),总比分3-2逆转并晋级。

Juventus officially announced that the player Rugani tested positive for the new crown virus. The player currently has no obvious symptoms.


According to official news from Hannover, the 23-year-old defender Hubbers was diagnosed with the new crown virus.


According to reporter Lu Mi, the transfer of Tianjin Tianhai has been negotiated at Quanjian’s headquarters, and the club now needs to submit relevant materials within the time frame specified by the Football Association to ensure the Super League qualification.


In the early morning of March 12th, Beijing time, in the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final, Liverpool lost 2-3 at home to Atletico Madrid, and the total score of the two rounds was eliminated 2-4. So far, last season's Champions League champions and runners-up have been out.


After Juventus player Rugani was diagnosed with a case of new crown pneumonia, Inter officially announced that all competitions will be suspended until further notice.


In the early morning of March 12, Beijing time, Juventus officially announced that the team's center defender Rugani had contracted new crown pneumonia. In the Italian national derby that had just been conducted before, Rugani sat on the Juventus bench. So, which players may be affected?


According to Searle Radio, due to the epidemic, UEFA is planning to move the European Cup to June next year.


Despite the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus, until last weekend, La Liga and La Liga were still held as normal. Real Madrid defender Carvajal expressed dissatisfaction with the league's practice of disregarding the safety of players and coaches on Instagram.


According to the "Daily Mail" news, Manchester United star Pogba hopes to renew his contract with the team. After the renewal, his weekly salary is expected to rise to 400,000 pounds.


Due to the use of fake passports, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho is currently arrested and imprisoned in Paraguay. According to reports, Ronaldinho’s prison is preparing to launch a five-a-side football match. Ronaldinho will participate in this game, but the team's request for him is that he cannot score goals.


On March 11, the Eindhoven Club officially announced that former Guoan coach Schmidt will take up the position of head coach of the team. The two sides signed a two-year contract. Schmidt will officially take over the team after the start of the new season.


The Club of Rome officially announced that due to a flight ban between Italy and Spain, the entire Roma team will not travel to Spain to participate in the first round of the Europa League 1/16 final with Seville.


Recently, a screenshot of Lippi’s interview with the media was circulating on the Internet. The picture read: “I know that when the Chinese are determined to do something, except for football accidents, the execution is amazing.” After verification, this sentence is purely fabricated.


Today, "Sports Weekly" reported that Shenzhen Football Association has received a call from the Football Association asking it to make up for it. In this regard, Li Xuan, a media person, said that the Shenzhen Football Association official stated that it has not received any notification from the relevant parties.


According to the "Football News" report, the players of the Liaoning Football Team, which is facing dissolution, will be integrated and taken over by Shenyang Urban Construction, and the echelon will be fully acquired by Shenyang Urban Construction.


In the Romanian League Cluj 0-0 draw with Gasmeden, Cluj coach Petlescu, in response to the U21 policy, replaced the young teenager Fica in just 24 seconds. This game is also the debut of the young player Fica's professional league.


Tomorrow (friday)


1:55 Europa League Frankfurt vs Basel


4:00 Europa League Olympiacos vs Wolves


4:00 Europa League Wanderers vs Leverkusen


4:00 Europa League Wolfsburg vs Shakhtar Donetsk




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